How do I update the Custom To Date on a 'growth of 10000' graph?

I created a home view and made a 'growth of $10,000' graph with a 'Custom To Date'. I entered the start date and it correctly displayed the correct end date (today). However, the end date is static. It does not update. I need to change the start date to another date, update, and change the start date back before the graph displays the updated end date.



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    Hello @JDPINC,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community and post your issue, although I apologize that you have not yet received a response.

    To further understand the issue, would you mind letting us know a few more details regarding what action(s) you are taking in Quicken that you'd anticipate seeing a change to the end date, or what specifically you are looking to accomplish with the graph?

    It looks like the graph customization settings allow for a range of pre-set date options, or you can also create a custom date range.

    Have you tried selecting different options from this window to determine if any give the desired results, by chance? Or is the issue that the graph does not update after making a new date range selection?

    You may also find the information outlined in this Support Article to be helpful/informative. 

    Please let us know so we can best assist!

    -Quicken Natalie

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    Hello Natalie,

    Sorry for the late response. The day after I posted this question underwent an emergency back surgery and I am just now feeling well enough to follow up.

    I'm not sure what detail you are requesting. The 'custom to date' option doesn't work on the 'Growth of $10,000' graph. If one comes back to the graph a month later it will still have the original end date, not the current date. As I stated above, I need to change the start date to another date before the graph displays the updated end date. This is cumbersome since I need to do it twice to get back to the original start date.

    The end date is greyed out. This would imply that it is automatically updated whenever one views the graph. This is however not the case. This feature may work on other graphs, but not on the 'Growth of $10,000' graph.

    The article you referenced shows how to set up the graphs, but it does not appear to cover this bug.

    Thank you for your time.
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    I can't verify your observations at this time with respect to the end date not properly updating.  Maybe tomorrow. 

    Until this does get addressed you might consider:
    • Using "Custom Date" rather than "Custom to Date".  By using Custom Date, you would only need to toggle the end date to "today", a one-key (T) entry for that end date field.  That would seem to reduce the cycles you described.  
    • Toggling the Selection from "Custom to Date" to a different selection (such as Custom Date) and then immediately back to "Custom to Date".  That seems to preserve the prior start date and I would expect it to insert the new (today) end date.  I haven't confirmed that works around your problem but it would seem again to reduce your actions.  

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    Not a bug.  Custom to Date is just not an option available for that view.  Never has been.  The longest period available for "To Date" is 12 months; there are shorter periods that can be selected.

    I suppose it could be. You could propose a product suggestion to gauge interest for a change.
  • q_lurker
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    @markus1957 I have that customization option for my HOME views; not for the Investing Tab / Performance view.  The Home view was the OP's original statement.
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    @markus1957 I don't mean to be argumentative, but.... 'Custom to Date' is most definitely an option on the Home tab 'Growth of $10,000' graph, or I would not be able to select it in the first place. The problem with using a 'Custom Date' is that whenever I want to look at the graph I need to customize the graph and change the end date, which is basically what I have to do now with the 'Custom to date" option.

    They greyed out date means I can't change it, so it should be updated automatically, but is not.
  • markus1957
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    You should use the Report a Problem feature in the Help menu.

    The Home screen modules should not differ in any way from the base modules from which they are derived. I stand corrected; example of failed software QA.
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    @markus1957 Thank you. Will do.
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