Balance Discrepancies


  • Diane Collins
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    edited April 2020
    I have been using quicken for over 20 years. Going back to reconcile old transactions would take forever. I have checked selected accounts and it is only supposed to display 1 account as marked. I use the calendar daily and now my balances are hundreds of thousands of dollars off. Is there going to be some sort of patch for this issue? Is there an alternate solution? I am VERY disappointed with this situation.
  • Quicken Francisco
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    Hello @Diane Collins


    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. Could I get a bit more information about the issue? When did this happen? Did you recently convert your file? Could you also take a screenshot of what it looks like as well?.

    Another thing I could think of is do you by chance have a backup prior to when the problem originally started? If you did could you try reloading it and seeing if it's having the same issues.  



    Please let us know how it goes.




    Quicken Francisco

  • Diane Collins
    Diane Collins Member ✭✭
    In opening up all the old back ups - something seems to have restored and now my balances are correct. I have no idea how that happened but am happy for the outcome.
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