Downloaded transactions aren't matching with corresponding Check Pay register entries

I'm running Quicken Premier 2020 Version 5.15.3 (Build 515.33035.100) on my Mac running Catalina OS X 10.15.3. I've started to pay bills within Quicken using Check Pay. Why doesn't Quicken match the check to the corresponding entry/transaction in my register when the check clears and is downloaded from my bank? Each time I must manually mark the transaction "cleared" and delete the downloaded transaction as a duplicate.

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  • ChicagoGuy
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    Don't know if it's your case but I've seen that happen when the dates of the two are more then a couple days different. If I update the entered registry date to the downloaded xaction date, the download xaction changes to show Matched.
  • Makers
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    I tried your suggestion but all that did was move the Check Pay transaction up in the register to be next to the corresponding downloaded transaction. Unfortunately Quicken still doesn't recognize it as one and the same transaction.
  • UKR
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    In Quicken Mac, if a downloaded transaction can't be matched to an existing register transaction, you can drag the downloaded transaction over the register transaction to effect a manual match.
  • J_Mike
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    Free with @UKR - dog and drop to match - do not delete the duplicate.
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  • Makers
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    Thanks @UKR, that worked but unfortunately it lost the check number in the process. Does it matter which transaction I drag to the other? That is, will I get the same result if I drag the Check Pay entry over the downloaded transaction or vice versa?
  • Makers
    Makers Member ✭✭
    Thanks for your help!
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