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What is problem with TIAA connection?

Started having issue with TIAA 403B accounts about 5 days ago. Account Status window, after connecting for updates/downloads was showing no errors for TIAA accounts and last connection successful 4-5 days ago. I had no issue accessing the accounts via Safari browser. After contacting Quicken support via chat, they had me backup my file, create a new file and try to add the account. That was a no-go. Then they had me reopen my "real" file and deactivate all the accounts at TIAA. Now, after an additional day of trying to reactivate the TIAA account by adding as new account there is still a "connection problem".

See the attached screen clip.

Could it be that Quicken is somehow using invalid HTTPS address?

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  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I just checked and I'm able to connect to TIAA successfully with QMac 10.15.4. 

    I think it's more likely something specific to your account and might be best to contact TIAA about this tomorrow. 
    Quicken Mac Subscription; Quicken Mac user since the early 90s
  • ST
    ST Member ✭✭
    RickO -- Are the accounts you have at TIAA investment accounts, 403b accounts or banking accounts?
  • ST
    ST Member ✭✭
    RickO - thanks for the reply..... It seems to be off and on for connection at this point.
  • keithcnj
    keithcnj Member ✭✭
    I opened a ticket with both Quicken and TIAA. The Quicken support person on the phone suggested trying to set up a new account, and sure enough, if you set up a "401-K" account, then the entity "TIAA" comes up as an option, requesting the usual userid and password, but otherwise, all that comes up is TIAA-CREF brokerage services, which is not where my accounts are held. Accounts set up as "brokerage" or "IRA" no longer work with the financial name TIAA. They used to up until 4/18. Somebody changed something, obviously, not clear at this point who, but since I think Quicken is a passive participant vis-a-vis bank information, it's likely some change at TIAA.
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