Unable to update address on Check Pay Check

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    I am so frustrated with Quicken, Quicken Bill Manger and Quicken Support.

    First the changes with Bill Pay versus Bill Manager, why would launch something that isn't fully working yet, according to quicken tech support.

    One thing I thought I would like is the New Check Pay, which Quicken did send the checks out, they took longer then what quicken said they would, but the address on the checks under my Name is for my bank and not my billing address. After talking to quicken support over 2 hours and being drop off the call twice. Basically got an answer that changing that address could not be done and I would have to go to my bank to have it change.

    The checks were printed and mailed through Quicken, but they can't update the address printed on the check..... Crazy!

    Tech Support must be sent overseas because everyone I talk to even the supervisor was hard to understand, this in it self is very frustrating.

    I also, have a bill that keeps failing and I cant seem to get anyone to figure that issue out either, I get the error massage of "Login problem; account may be locked" well you guess it, the account is not locked.

    Quicken used to be a good product with good support, but now I must say it now. I have to spend a lot more days and time doing the task that use to save me time.
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