Error Message CC-555 Bank of America

So what is happening with CC-555 message when updating with Bank of America ?? Is there an update ?

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  • dave344
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    Like a lot of people, I am having trouble connecting to BofA to download our checking and savings transactions. We have 10 accounts that used to update nightly under the "One Step Update" feature. Since 16 April all of the accounts except one BofA account continue to update as expected and without error. (See attached screen shot) . I say "one" of the BofA accounts because we have two BofA _connections_. One connection updates two BofA accounts and the other updates another BofA account. The difference between the two connections is that one uses "Direct Connect" and the other does not. The "Direct Connect" connection works, the other does not. Quicken prompts me to upgrade the other connection to direct connect (see screen shot) but this fails. I called BofA and they said they stopped supporting Direct Connect about two years ago and it is unavailable for new accounts. Older accounts, like the one we have that is working properly, were grandfathered in. So you still may be able to access your BofA data if have an older account that was previously set up to use Direct Connect.

    But the newer connection method used by BofA (I'm not sure what it is called) is failing. According to BofA it is not their fault. I'm not knowledgeable enough to assign blame but something definitely changed recently with the way Quicken updates are implemented.

    The situation has changed somewhat since the initial failures because now my updates are failing differently than they were before. Previously the One Step Update summary page would display the failed BofA connection in red with a CC 555 error. However, for the past several days the One Step Update has been prompting me for a BofA verification code after it starts. More specifically, it prompts me for the phone number where they should send the verification code. My phone number is present in the drop down list and I select it and submit the information but One Step Update never completes. Instead Quicken hangs and becomes unresponsive and starts hogging all the system resources until I do a hard close of the app using Task Manager (See Screenshot).

    If you are having similar problems and want to talk with BofA, call their Digital Services Team (DST) at 1-800-933-6262. Be prepared to wait for more than 30 minutes. When you connect, make sure you are speaking with someone from Digital Services Team. If you are in the queue for too long, you may be transferred to a general support rep even though you called the DST. Also make sure they know you are calling about Quicken, NOT QuickBooks. The first rep I spoke with kept referring to QuickBooks even though I told her twice it was Quicken. She then told me she could not find the CC555 error code and transferred me to Intuit before I could stop her.

    As an alternative to One Step Update, I have been able to log on to BofA web site and down load my account information into a qfx file (Web Connect) for updating the failed BofA accounts. This approach works but is clearly not as convenient as One Step Update.

    I hope this issue is resolved soon. In the meantime I hope this information is helpful to others in my situation.
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    One thing to try would be a different channel to connect to B of A for your one account which does not support Direct Connect. The other connection method is called Express Web Connect.
    Instead of "Bank of America-All Other States", you could try "Bank of America - Quicken" as the FI name. No guarantee it will work, but hey, it's not working now.

    Quicken user since version 2 for DOS, now using QWin Biz & Personal Subscription (US) on Win10 Pro.

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    If you click on the "?" next to the CC-555 error, and navigate to I believe more info, you will see this is a direct result of BoA blocking access at their servers to third-parties. This is a BoA issue.
    I experienced one account at BoA not updating, but it has since corrected itself. I do have my main CC account (different bank) that is a yo-yo. One day all is fine, next same CC-555 error. What I've found works "most" of the time is to perform ⚙️ > Update Now from the problem register. I've had success at off hours, like 9PM.

  • MyraLB
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    I have spoken to two representatives with Bank of America in technical/digital support atoday and two last week and they all say the issue is with the Quicken server not Bank of America. How much longer could this possibly take?
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    Maybe the issue is NOT with the Quicken server OR the Bank of America server.

    My last successful Bank of America was April 13th, then on April 14th there was a security update to Internet Explorer, then tons of posting on this site about connection problems starting on April 15th.

    Maybe it's just a coincidence with the IE update ( a security update by the way -

    It is possible that all sorts of Banks decided on April 15 all of a sudden to reduce traffic to their servers that process Quicken downloads but I am skeptical.

    I believe both Bank of America and Quicken - nothing they changed or are doing is causing this inconvenience. Bank of America is a huge corporation - and Quicken downloads are mostly very small - a few days or a week or so of data.
    And there really are not many people who use Quicken download (this is a guess).

    I may be totally wrong about the above.

    Any thoughts from anybody in this thread?

  • Joecinma
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    Bravo, Francisco! I reread your advice above to reset my Bank of America account and all 3 of my Bank of America accounts were fixed.

    Thank you!

    You might want to consider adding this advice to 2 places:

    1. The pop up message that appears when running the one-step update
    2. The description of the cause of cc-555 errors

    What led me to reread your advice above was I setup a new BOA account and downloaded 90 days of data - and then did a successful one step update. Which proved that BOA was NOT blocking one-step updates.

    Again, thank you Francisco!


  • Quicken Francisco
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    Awesome to hear that you were able to get back up and running again! I am wondering are you on patch R26.17 or are you on R26.15? I'm just wondering if that could of potentially made any difference since I know that's been rolling out slowly. Please let us know if you do run into anymore difficulties. 


    -Quicken Francisco
  • Joecinma
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    Quicken Francisco,

    I am on R26.17 - and have been there since April 24th at 8:09am (I logged this!) and tried downloading with the version on April 24, 25, 26 and 27.

    Minor speed bump - very happy with Quicken! (including Quicken Communities).

    Thanks again for pointing out to me that I needed to do a reset account.

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