Future 401K Withdrawals Not In Tax Planner

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I set up a transfer reminder for a withdrawal from a 401K account and these withdrawals are not showing up in the Tax Planner. Since I'm retired there are no contributions to the 401K account to worry about. As a test I entered a past withdrawal in the current year and that transaction did show in the Planner, so it appears to just be future withdrawals based on a transfer reminder.
Any ideas on how to fix this?
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    Looks like I'll just create a new Income Category with the 1099-R IRA tax line item assigned to it for the 401K distributions and then schedule an Income Reminder. This works to get the future distributions in the Tax Planner. When the time comes I won't actually make this transaction but do the transfer from the 401K account and ignore the Income Reminder.
    I can probably do the same to handle the Federal and State income tax withheld from the distribution.
    As a test I created a new 401K account to see if future transfers would show in the Tax Planner, just in case my actual account was corrupt in some way. Turns out the test account also didn't show the future transfers in the Tax Planner. Must be either by design or a bug with 401K accounts, transfer reminders and the Tax Planner not behaving as you'd expect.
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