Debt Payoff Planner and Life Planner


I have been a Quicken user for a very very long time. I am paying off my debts. The "Loan Amount" that the debt payoff uses when making a new plan is the "ending balance" which includes my future pre-planned payments that show in my register. This gives me a false payoff plan because the debts are higher TODAY than they will be in 9 months from now (yes, I use a 9 month planning horizon in all my registers). The only work around is to manually set all future payments to zero and then edit my plan. Quicken has had this problem for a VERY LONG TIME. How hard can it be to simply add a filter for a plan that takes all loan balances "as of today" and not "as of 9 months from now as if it were today"?

And, like other users, I also am disturbed that the debts and payoff plan are not showing properly with payoff in the Lifetime planner.

I use Quicken EVERY DAY. And I use my debt planning and lifetime planning A LOT.

Now that you are fixing so many things, and making such progress, isn't this a fundamental pillar of financial health? Will you please fix this soon? I am longing to stop wasting time as I go through manual efforts to make Quicken work--after being a subscriber since many many many years ago.

I don't need to re-create the problem for you. Just set up debts and set up future payments and you will see the problem.

Thank you--please help me be a happy customer. I am so frustrated by this!


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