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I use Quicken 2017 for Windows to access several Quicken data files. One for personal, one for a club, one containing my Mother-In-Laws data, and one for a Family Trust. The files are kept securely on a networked drive with the look and feel of a local drive. Other's have access to the drive and occasionally access and update the data as well. (Yes, I know this is not recommended. I am the predominant user by far and for the most part the others are mostly just viewers. So far we have never had a problem.) I want to upgrade to the new version of Quicken for my personal file. But I need to keep the other files accessible to the other people who do not plan to upgrade. If I access these other files with the new Quicken will they be modified in a way that limits or removes the functionality of Quicken 2017 for the others? The others never do any downloading.


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    The Quicken data file format hasn't changed since Quicken 2016. 
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    @kayakor Just because you have not run into an issue using a data file(s) on a network drive does not make it a good idea.  I assume you do this so others can access that data file and that also is not a good idea even if they are just "viewing".

    You can of course keep doing what you are currently doing but realize that you are playing Russian Roulette with them.

    All of the data files should be kept on the main drive on the computer that also contains Quicken.  It is perfectly safe to make manual backups (using the add current date to file name option) on a network drive.  I do this to my NAS drive (assigned drive letter A) which is backed up to another NAS drive (assigned drive letter B) which is further backed up to a third drive once every other month that is kept off-site.

    On the occasion where someone wants to "look" you can provide them remote access to the computer that the data file is on, the only problem is that you will not be able to use the computer while it is being accessed remotely.

  • LJLbells
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    So I am currently running Quicken 2017. I want to upgrade because after the end of April I will not be able to download transactions. However, I have my private data file and also a data file for a club I am treasurer for. If I upgrade to 2020, and someone else becomes treasurer, will they be able to read the data file assuming that have at least Quicken 2016? Thanks.
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    Yes, Quicken data files are compatible for Q2016 -- QSubscription without any conversion.
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