Issue with account updating Quicken Mobile Web

Hi All,

When I update all of my accounts from my one step update in my Desktop, everything updates perfectly. However when I went to Mobile Web tab it say 2 accounts units not selected to sync to Mobile web. I select the two accounts and they fail to login to the bank credit card companies. Two things don't make sense, first, why two separate update account platforms and second, why if the have the same login info does the Mobile account update fail.

My thinking is the Mobile update login doesn't do direct connect, only Mobile connect but not sure. Any way , it got even worse. I tried deselecting all accounts to Mobile sync and then reselecting all, in hopes it would clear the issue. However now not only won't the same accounts not login/update but a ton of errors come up saying a gazillion transactions did not sync. So I made matters worse.

We Hy does their have to be two separate account update platforms? Why can't I just update all accounts from the desktop which works great and sync to the cloud . I assume the cloud updates the accounts on its own to keep Mobile access current but if so why doesn't it use the same connection data that the desktop uses. I really don't need the cloud to up date automatically, so can I deselect all accounts from the Mobile tab as and just update all accounts on my desktop and sync to the cloud ? Will that work and will that give my mobile devices access to the most current data from when I last synced from my desktop or won't it show anything at all? This is really frustrating as I finally got everything setup and working and now this happens. I would really appreciate some help... Thank you!

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