Batch Import Security Prices by Symbol?

I own quite a few international stocks bonds that Quicken cannot update automatically. I know I can import a historical price file by security (which I have done), but now I want to update the security price each day. My brokers can provide me a file which has all the securities prices by symbol (ie. symbol, price), but I can't see a way to import this file into Quicken for Mac (Deluxe 2020 Version 5.15.3).

Does anyone have a workaround? For example, is there a way to import prices via a transaction/action that only results in a price update but don't affect cash or units owned?


  • sslucas88
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    I found a way to import this file with all this information.

    I'm using the following layout (image.png - attached):

    Symbol, Price, Price, Date, High, High, Low, Volume, Null

    The only thing is:
    Date - must be a text without /
    Volume - is divided by 100 (one hundred) in the attached image. I carry the volume 113.86 which is equal to 11,300 (decimals is disregarded).

    Attached, you will find the image of the results (result 1.png)

    And now the graphics are working. (2.png result)

    Hope this helps
  • RickO
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    @sslucas88  It looks like you are using Quicken Windows and this question is for Quicken Mac. The Mac product doesn't have the same import options.
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  • mark303
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    Yes - my question was regarding Quicken for Mac. I knew that Windows had the capability for a CSV import for multiple securities at the same time but Mac did not.

    What I was particular interest in is whether I could import the securities in a QFX file using some other action type that doesn't affect cash or shares but does update the securities price table. I know that when you purchase securities it updates the price.
  • RickO
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    Hmm, the QFX route is a good thought. You'd have to structure a QFX file with only price updates and that references a brokerage that is able to connect via QFX. Sorry, I don't know anything about the structure of QFX, so I can't help with that.
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