Reconciliation Problem, lost my deposits.

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I was performing reconciliation and when finished it didn't balance. That is no problem, it happens. I couldn't double check my data at that moment.
When I returned later and pulled up the reconciliation page all the deposits were missing except for the bank interest.
I checked the page where the entries are made and the deposits were still there, with a "c" in the Clr column.
I tried removing the "c", I tried deleting the entry and re-entering it, I tried putting duplicate entry; nothing has worked. I cannot get the deposits to appear on the reconciliation page.
I tried canceling the whole process and start over, I haven't been able to do that.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I have used quicken for approximately 15 to 20 year and have never experienced a problem before.
I have the Quicken Deluxe, version R17.6.

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  • UKR
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    What are the transaction dates for the missing deposits?
    And what Reconcile Ending Statement Date have you entered?

  • TB43
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    I had six deposits. 3/19 thru 4/8.
    Statement dates were 3/18 thru 4/17.
  • TB43
    TB43 Member
    Thank you, I'll give that a try.
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