How do I disable cloud sync of my accounts?

Dennis Mc
Dennis Mc Member ✭✭
I've tried signing in as a different user, but I do not get an option to disable sync. I didn't intentionally enable sync since I have no use for mobile banking. How do I disable it, and why is Quicken doing this?

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  • thecreator
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    Hi @""Dennis Mc" ,

    The only thing that gets Sync to the Cloud, is the name of your Quicken Data File. That's it.

    If you go to:  Move the mouse over SIGN IN and click Quicken on the Web.

    Then sign in on the next page with your Quicken  User ID and password.

    I got:


    It looks like you have not synced your accounts yet

    To sync your accounts from Quicken for Windows:

    And Open Quicken.
    Click Edit then Preferences.
    Click on Quicken Mobile & Web. You should see:

    This indicates that Sync is Off.

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  • Dennis Mc
    Dennis Mc Member ✭✭
    Thank you. When I view Preferences>Mobile&Web the message is "We could not retrieve your cloud account information. Try Again." When I try again, I get the same request to 'try again.' What does that suggest? Periodically, I still get a spinning wheel and message that my accounts are being synced to the 'cloud, ' and I want to stop that.

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