Quicken Mac Quicken Check Pay issue - payments are not getting sent out

I recently called Quicken Premium Support about issues with Quicken Check Pay payments, and they were not able to help me out at all. They are unable to give me any accountability for the payments, even though they had check numbers, and either the green check mark, or green arrow to the right.

Can somebody here please help me out?

Do I need to re-install, or do something else?

Every time I call Quicken tech support, they ask for me to export my entire account, and then try to replicate the problem. In this case, it will not work.

I am going to send myself a check and see if that works.

When I used Quicken Bill Payment, the separater company, they did seem to have the ability to track things down, and determine the status.

At this point, I think I am going to go back to using the old Quicken Bill Payment service.
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