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Using Quicken Deluxe 2020 for Mac. I cannot seem to find any way to move transaction from one account to another. My old version did that. Newer versions like 2018 were rumored to be able to move mulitple transactions at once (for those of us who did not pay attention and added transactions to the wrong account). What am I missing or has this feature been removed or omitted for some reason.

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  • roisenp1950
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    Increadible! That is way to simple and I would not of thought to drag and drop that way. It works for multiple transactions as well. I did not find anything in the HELP area related to moving transactions. I typed in "transactions" and also tried "move" with no results for moving transactions. Online there was something about "edit" which did not work. Am I searching incorrectly or is it not included in the help menu? Thank you so much for the help. God Bless.
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