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Not a directly Quicken question, however, it does relate to my Quicken work. I transferred everything via Laplink to the new pc. Initially there was a glitch with Quicken but Sherlock's adivice did the trick. Now I am having problem with my scansnap 1500 scanner software. The default save is supposed to be in a user file which is missing on the new PC (or at least I and scansnap can not find it). The reciepts were scanned and stored on one drive (in the cloud and 0n the old desktop). The new desktop has half the drive capacity since its a SSD drive and therefre, I have not installed one drive on the desktop. I think this may be a problem. Not sure what the workaround is. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Andy_G
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    I learned a little more about the scan snap software. You are correct. I will need to get an external drive. Looking back, I should have purchased a PC with 1 TB drive. Thanks.
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