Lifetime Planner / College Expenses - can't link 529 account

In Lifetime Planner, I include in the model a child starting college at a certain point. In the "college expenses for ..." simulation, under "Savings & Investments", there is "Amount saved towards college". If I edit that information, and try for "Choose Accounts", "Specific accounts", I get a pull down menu that has every savings and investment account EXCEPT the 529 account I want to select. Any ideas? For a workaround, I have turned off "specific accounts" and selected General Expenses and keyed in the 529 plan balance.

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  • AaronD
    AaronD Member ✭✭
    The 529 was excluded in the planning assumptions. Probably did that some time ago before I added the college expense, to keep Quicken from factoring it into the retirement calculation.

    Using Quicken Premier R26.17 Build on a PC using Windows 10 Pro version 1903 OS build 18362.778
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