What is the status of resolution of the CC-502 error? Unable to download transactions.

Unable to download transactions. Error is CC-502.

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    Would have been nice to have received the info about not deactivating or resetting our accounts via a push notification early in the problem. Quicken's normal support response to these connectivity issues when I have called in the past was to first try Reset then deactivate and re-activate accounts, sooooo rather than trying to get Quicken support in a Friday night I followed the normal past process that has worked of Reset, Deactivate, Reactivate. Again, perhaps Quicken support could have sent out a general PUSH warning that they were having lots 502 errors with several banks and credit unions and advised users not to reset or deactivate accounts!
    P.S. Last update I saw from @Quicken Sarah was on 4/21/20 and problem still persists. I don't know how this could still be blamed on over burden of Covid-19 type transactions.
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