Can I Edit a Transaction in Rent Center?

:/ My transactions are downloaded from my bank, but I also enter the Rents Received into Rent Center. Why? Because that's the only place I can issue a rent receipt to my tenant. I've allowed my tenant to pay only 50% of their rent for the past 2 months, and now some of my transactions in the Rent Center are incorrect. How do I edit them from the Rent Center? Nothing happens when clicking the transactions there.

I'm using 2020 R26.17 Home, Business & Rental Property on Windows 10 Home


  • Quicken Diana
    Quicken Diana Alumni mod

    Hello @ ppitlanish

    Thank you for reaching out in the Community today, I have a few ideas that may help.

    First you stated that you are only able to issue a rent receipt from by entering the payment in the Rental Center. These steps will allow you to send a receipt from the register entry and may be more convenient:

    -          Create a bill reminder for the tenet by going to TOOLS> MANAGE BILL AND INCOME REMINDERS> ADD (top left)

    -          Once this is created the upcoming transaction will be visible at the bottom of the register that you assigned for the bill

    -          When you are ready to mark it as a cleared/ payed transaction, click on the upcoming transaction reminder, then click on the gear icon that appears to the far right.

    -          Click on ENTER THIS REMINDER

    -          After entering the information needed for the payment, at the bottom of the window, click on CREATE RENT RECEIPT.

    Entering the rent transaction this way will also create an entry in the Rental Center. Is this how you need the records to look, or do you still need to change some of the transactions already entered? Dollar amounts that are already in the Rent Center as rent paid can be changed by changing the transaction in the financial account register. Find the transaction that needs to be changed, click on the dollar amount and change it to the correct amount. The change will reflect in the Rent Center.

    If these steps do not work or are not providing the result you were looking for please let me know. Any additional information will help.

    Thank you

    -          Quicken Diana

  • ppitlanish
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    That's interesting. When I opened Bill & Income reminders, there are 2 upcoming reminders for August---which I didn't enter in there!--and yet, in the Rental Property tab, there's nothing showing for May. Don't understand then, why the reminder doesn't show May as the 1st month due.
  • ppitlanish
    ppitlanish Member ✭✭
    Oh--and yes, I need to change some of the transactions entered, as viewed in Rental Property tab.
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