Why is my bill listed as Overdue? Quicken Bill Manager

:'( I checked Quicken Bills and Income tab and it says that two of my bills listed are "Overdue". I set them up to use Check Pay and they were supposed to be paid May 3. Why are they now "overdue"? Why aren't they paid? Is there anyway to know if the check has been sent to my provider?


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    Hello amannucci,
    Sorry two bills are showing as "overdue". Let's check a few things with you please.
    Does your Check Pay payee look like this?

    Is the Last Payment column blank, as in the example above?

    It's possible you set up a Check Pay payee but have not yet take the Action to trigger a Check Pay.

    Click on the button Check Pay to trigger an actual physical paper check to be mailed out to the Check Pay payee ("A Test" in the example above).
    If need be, to make a Check Pay paymentunder the Action column, click on the Check Pay button. You will get a pop-up box titled Make a Check Pay Payment, like this:

    Next, you would choose the *Account to use, and enter the *Amount to be paid (885.00 in the example above), include a Memo if you like. Then click the blue text "Pay Now", then the "Confirm" button to trigger an actual physical paper check to be printed and put into the USPS for delivery. 

    "Is there anyway to know if the check has been sent to my provider?"
    Yes, once you have triggered the payment, the Last Payment column will update with the text "Sent (Check Pay)", the amount and date. See below:

    Please keep in mind, the Check Pay system does use the USPS for delivery; it can take some days for the mail to reach it's destination.

    If you would like help with this, you are welcome to contact support directly, or post back to this thread for additional help. Thank you.

  • amannucci
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    Thanks for your response. It's one of the best I've seen so far. That was the missing piece. I never hit "Check Pay". I would hit the little down arrow and it would give me options. I thought Enter was the correct option, but obviously not. Now it says "Sent".
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    Very good. I'm glad we figured out the missing piece and you've now sent the checks off as intended. 
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    I had to use a back up copy of quicken. The check pay payment of course does not show up in there that I sent a day earlier. But I did hit check pay and sent it before I had to use back up copy. I trust all is well even if the payment is not showing up in my register of my back up copy of quicken.
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