Rental Property Features Missing

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  • vermontproperties
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    I have been using RPM 2.5 for at least 12 years including earlier versions. I just upgraded to H&B with Rental Property Manager. The basic functionality of RPM (aggregating rental arrears, split rental payment functionality tenant payment & Section 8 payment, payment received and applied dates, etc...) does not appear in the 2020 version. I have been on several calls with Quicken support to try and get an answer on how to duplicate those functions and why they would be removed. In RPM 2.5 all activity was on one screen. Now you need to navigate to several screens in order to do the same thing. Why would you add additional key strokes? I have been escalated several times with no clear answers accept an off the cuff response from an agent stating "yes they should be in there". I have a call with support scheduled for May 12 and hope to have some answers.
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