Securities Value vs Total Market Value vs Cash Balance

This is confusing me, and it could just be an accounting thing. When I look at my Fidelity 401K register, I see "Securities value" which is the sum current value of my investments, a "Cash Balance" of nearly the same amount, and a "Total Market Value" that's the sum of the two. I know I don't have both the investments, and the cash. Is there some accounting method I don't understand about how to account for the investments?, is it a quirk with the Feed?, or is something wrong? Anyone? It throws off my overall investment reports. Confused.


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    Hi @tommymac501,

    Yes you have a problem - and the problem is that somehow the cash that's been going into the account and is then used to purchase the investments in securities is not actually being applied to those security purchases.

    Is this a new account in Quicken, or was there a transfer from another account? 

    Do the transactions that record the investments listed as "BoughtX" in the "Action" column?  If the answer to this second question is "yes" then the fix would be to go into each transaction that has the "BoughtX" in the "Action" column and change the "Action" to "Bought" (i.e. delete the "X").  

    Let me know how this goes.


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