How do I import a QIF file into Quicken for Mac 2007 and have it synced to the correct CC account?

I was late with downloading CC info. My bank only allows you to download 3 months of data. They said I could download a CSV file for the period I needed and then find a program online that would convert the file to QIF. I did that and the conversion worked fine. So I open up Quicken and under the file menu it says Import: QIF. I selected that and found the file and imported it without any error messages. But where the heck does the data go. I cannot find it anywhere. It didn't ask me to associate the data with an CC or any other kind of account. Why would Quicken allow you to import a QIF file and then not help you figure out how to access it so you can reconcile the charges? Can anyone help me. Please!

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  • Tim McBrayer
    Tim McBrayer Member ✭✭
    I need to pull in CC transactions from Wells Fargo from 2019 and you can't use the Download feature for data more than 3 months old. I was told I could download all of 2019 as a CSV file and then convert the file to a QIF because QM2007 would import a QIF file. So I did that and then went to the File:Import menu and selected QIF. I found my QIF file and imported it. But where the heck did the data go. I wasn't asked to assign the data to a particular account. I wasn't asked anything. I don't see that any new account has been added but maybe it has and I just can find it. Can anyone help me?
  • Pete Ronai
    Pete Ronai Member
    I was told by Quicken online chat support that the current version of Quicken will not read QIF files.
  • india just
    india just Windows Beta Beta
    it imports to the current open file. Only one window is topmost. I am still using it and import qif files every month for credit card transaction data and balancing. I use csvconverter online to convert .CSV to QIF files.
    Long time user, mac only, brand new to beta testing.  NOOB.  Allin on beta.
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