I no longer wish to participate in the Quicken Beta program. How do I switch back?

Non-Beta Quicken 5.15.3 will not let me import the qmtf file I exported from the Quicken Beta version (5.16.0). How do I get all my transactions from the Beta to the newest non-beta of Quicken? Thank you.


  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Please note anything beta related cannot be discussed here (in this forum). I will flag this post for a moderator to put you into contact regarding your desire to be removed from that program.

    That said, moving transactions between Quicken files is not beta related. If you wish to move transactions between Quicken for Mac files, you use the QXF file export/import (Quicken for Windows Transfer Format, even though you aren't dealing with Windows.) 

    You don't want to use QMTF-that was a rarely used format that doesn't apply here. It won't work.
  • dbrandt6
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    Thank you very much! Cheers!!
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