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Hello, for about two weeks I have not been able to update my PNC accounts with Quicken Premier. Other accounts update fine. Is this because of the Covid-19 situation that apparently has caused backlogs for PNC and other banks? I'm wondering if there's another reason, that's a Qucken issue. It's possible the system thinks I still have Quicken 2017 because I was getting lots of alerts that I was going to lose my capability to update bank accounts due to having an outdated version -- this despite the fact I have Quicken Premier and updated it in January.

Any help would be appreciated.


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    Thanks for your help. FYI, I forgot to mention the error I was getting was c-501. My bank accounts have EWC. I went into Account Details and reset each account and after that, transactions downloaded and everything reconciled. I think I'm good to go! Thanks again.
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    Hi @umpteentimes,

    Glad to see that it worked out for you.  However, i would also strongly suggest that - for your bank accounts - you upgrade the connection method to "Direct Connect".  It is a much more reliable method and could help you avoid potential problems in the future. 

    Good luck!


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