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Importing Security Prices

This discussion was created from comments split from: Batch Import Security Prices by Symbol?.


  • JimBob
    JimBob Member ✭✭
    > @sslucas88 said:
    > I found a way to import this file with all this information.
    > I'm using the following layout (image.png - attached):
    > Symbol, Price, Price, Date, High, High, Low, Volume, Null
    > The only thing is:
    > Date - must be a text without /
    > Volume - is divided by 100 (one hundred) in the attached image. I carry the volume 113.86 which is equal to 11,300 (decimals is disregarded).
    > Attached, you will find the image of the results (result 1.png)
    > And now the graphics are working. (2.png result)
    > Hope this helps

    I have also been playing with this functionality. . . my results have been a mixed bag. I do ok with importing prices only. . but getting High,Low, Volume is a bit problematic.

    The format for high/low/volume "more or less" seems to work.

    1) The values in the 3rd and 5th columns seems to be irrelevant. sslucas88 is using "price" and "high" in those columns; but my testing indicates that any value (even a dash) works.

    2) I don't have any issue with date column. . . . mine is formatting mm/dd/yyyy; and it seems to work fine.

    3) The real sticking point for me is the "null" column. I am trying to create the CSV file from excel; in comma separated format. If I put any sort of character in that column; I get a pop up from Quicken ON EVERY PRICE labelled "security price detail". The popup it self is blank except for a button. Most annoying. The import does not seem to work without the last column. If I manually go into the CSV file with notepad, and manually enter a trailing comma. . . the import does not work.

    4) A small import (10 or so prices) works ok (except for the popup). For a larger import (say, 50ish securities for 5-10 days). . . I find that I only get a partial import. I only get say, 150 of 200 price entries. The read doesn't seem consistent. If I do a "price only" import; it seems to work. . . except that I have a file with 250 rows. . .and Quicken reports importing 280 prices. . . .(I don't have this discrepancy with small imports)

    I am using Q17R20; Creating the CSV file using MS Excel. I prefer to use excel, as I can easily create the CSV file for Quicken using a sheet that gets all the trading data from another source.
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