Unable to record rent for some tenants and changed dialog for some tenants

Hello, I'm experiencing a problem recording rent for some of my tenants. My Quicken version is 2020 Home, Business & Rental Property for Windows (Year: 2020, Version: R26.21, Build:, membership valid through March 27, 2022. I accomplished the 3 potential solutions outlined by Quicken Anja in other posts (1-Make a copy of Quicken File and use the copy, 2-Validate and Repairs Quicken file, 3-Super Validate and Repair Quicken file), but none resolved the problem. What I've observed:
1) When I select "Enter Rent", select a "Property", and select a "Tenant name", none of the info I entered when I set up the tenant (i.e. rent amount, account to use) shows up in the "Enter Rent" dialog and the "Memo" message is empty. When I enter that info and click "Add", nothing shows up in the account.
2) When I try to edit the Tenant info on the "Edit Rental Property Tenant" dialog, the "Rent amount" is correctly listed. Also, this dialog has changed from when I used it a few hours ago. Previously, there was only one section in "Rent Details" labeled "Basic Information" where I could specify the account to use for rent transactions. Now there is a second section labeled "Rent collection reminder" and the only way to select a "Rent account name" is if I opt for a "New rent reminder". If I select "I do not want to create the rent reminder", I can't specify the account for rent transactions. Other renters only have the "Basic information" section, and I can enter rent transactions for them.
3) If I view the transactions in an account window, all of the buttons ("Add Transactions", "Properties & Tenants", "Reports") on the "Rental" tab screen, disappear. I have to switch to a different tab (for example, "Business"), then back to "Rental" for the buttons to re-appear.

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