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Problems with Income category in Budget/Starting new budget

Using QforMac2020; trying to create a new 2020 budget based not on previous values spent over last year but on values starting January 2020. I've selected the categories I want to track and selected amounts for each. Example: I get income from sources that are not salary or dividend, and I categorize those in Quicken itself as 'Other Income'. However, Quicken seems to have decided on its own that $$ I've categorized that way since January is not there. Only one source of the two shows as being available. So my budget shows a deficit in Income because not all the money put into that category is showing up. The money is not showing up in Expenses, because I did see that as an issue--the money just isn't there. I'm really just trying to have a simple budget based on usual expenses. Thanks,


  • BaileyBailey Member ✭✭
    Oh, it IS showing up in expenses. I didn't see it at first. So this problem has not been fixed I guess. Sorry.
  • BaileyBailey Member ✭✭
    Apologizing again, but I've renamed these so they are not 'Other Income' and that seems to have done the trick.
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