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How do I use the new Dropbox backup feature?

Quicken promotes the new Drobpox backup feature and the promo says go to your account page for details. When I did that I saw and took advantage of the free extra space offer but I saw no instructions as to how to do Quicken backup with my Dropbox. Can it be done automatically? [On the Quicken BACKUP and RESTORE dropdown there is no prompt for a Dropbox backup.] So, please help me understand how to use Dropbox for daily Quicken file backup. Thanks.

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  • GeoffGGeoffG SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Dropbox is a cloud based file service. Quicken Inc. offers an additional 5GB of space for one year. You can use this space however you chose. The option to use it for backup is to provide an off-site backup in the event of a disaster. If you have Dropbox configured correctly, you should see it as a select-able drive. You would use that drive to perform the manual backup from your desktop.
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  • quickoramaquickorama Member ✭✭
    Thanks so much.... that is exactly what I needed to know.
    I know this is probably so obvious to most but in my brain world I need simple instructions like this.... again, thanks.
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