How to convert Q2003 file to Q2020 on Win10

I have reached the conclusion that I just bought Q2020 and got stuck. I have been running Q2003 for 17 years and earlier versions before that. This month (5/2020) I could not open my Q2003 version (just now unsupported). I have only used Q2003 offline as a check register. For 27 years. So I bought Q2020 after I was told in a support chat that it would automatically covert my Q2003 files to Q2020. Not so! Now I read in various Q tutorials that successive conversions to Q2004, then to Q2013, then to Q2020 on my Win 10 desktop cannot be done on Win 10. So I am stuck! And it cost me $45 to get stuck! I cannot resurrect 20 odd years of accumulated and current check register data that I used for over 20 years to prepare my taxes and reconcile my bank statements. All I need is for Quicken support folks to convert ONE of my recent Q2003 saved files to Q2020 and send it to me on a CD. I offered in one support note to give them 100 bucks to do it. No response yet. Any ideas? I am 85 years old, so I won't be a customer much longer, but I really need to save that data. IT IS ALL IN ONE RECENT Q2003 file containing over 20 years of my checks reconciled.


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