Remove old savings (asset) accounts from account view

I have some very old "savings" accounts from around 1999 that show up when I click "more accounts" under the left handed savings accounts view screen.

I am trying to get rid of them from that list

The account is "hidden" in account view, however, they do not show up in the "Saving Goal" view where i could delete the savings goal or keep it as zero dollar asset account

I have tried unhiding the account, but it still does not show up in the "Savings Goal" view even when closing and reopening quicken.

If i could get it to show up in "Saving Goal" View, I could then zero it out or delete it

any ideas?

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  • BourbonManNJ
    BourbonManNJ Member ✭✭
    thank you. i did consider that but wasnt sure if all the transactions would be reversed and possibly mess up other accounts

    I did find that if I 'unhid' the account and then went into 'edit account', there were display options . i clicked all boxes and the account "went away" to my view
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