I need to merge 2 checking accounts which are actually one but show up as two

I have an original account that is no longer fully active because the bank replaced ti with a new type of account. both show up as active but the newer one is the right one and I need to make sure the data is transferred so older transactions are preserved and integrated into the newer primary account.


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    Select all the transactions in the old account and drag and drop them onto the name of the new account in the sidebar. You can then delete the now-empty old account. Look out for duplicates, and be aware you may need to enter a one-time adjustment to make it reconcile properly.
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    Hello @afterimage7

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. In order to do this it's not too complicated actually. To start off I would actually recommend saving a backup first just in case.

    1. Select File > Save a Backup...
    2. Choose a place on your Mac to save the file. You can save it anywhere, including a flash drive.
    3. Click Save. The Quicken backup file will have the extension .quicken2017backup or .quickenbackup.

    Once that's done we can move onto moving transactions from one account  to the other. Go to the register of the old account. Click on the very first transaction. Scroll to the last transaction in the register. Hold SHIFT on your keyboard and click on the last transaction. This should highlight everything in between the first and last transaction. Once highlighted click and drag the blue highlighted transactions to the correct account on the left side.  Left go of the mouse and it should begin moving transactions over to the correct account. Another thing to note is if the balance is wrong it's likely going to be due to the opening balance on the account. 

    Please let us know if this helps resolve the issue for you.


    Quicken Francisco


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