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Memorized Payee Category does not fill in

Good evening. Since the last update, when I go to the register to record an item, I have to then manually set the category even with the category being set in the memorized payee list.


I have a local market here called "Market Place" and in my list it's set as category "Groceries". When I open the register to input a new transaction, I can pick it from the list but the middle field for category remains blank and I have to then manually set the category. This is for all type I have saved, such as when I select my payee "Visa" with the category being "transfer (to me credit card account).

Where I live, our banks do not sync with Quicken so everything I enter has to be done manually, I can't figure out why this stopped worked. I have tried to delete the memorized payee from the list and add it again, and sure enough it shows the category in the list but fill it in for me when I select it from the register.

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  • GeoffG
    GeoffG SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I would suggest validating your data file to verify there is no data corruption. File>File Operations>Validate.
  • BigMak
    BigMak Member ✭✭
    Validating your data.
    No errors.

    No read errors.

    All internal consistency checks passed.

    [Thu May 21 06:39:49 2020]
    No out-of-range security references found.

    Validation has completed.
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