Wells Fargo mortgage account as an eBill - red exclamation point


Are there any known issues with adding a Wells Fargo mortgage account as an eBill?

I have tried and tried, and every time I add my account it appears in the list of payees with a red circle exclamation point. When I click on the exclamation point the attached message appears.

I can log into the Wells Fargo account on their web site without any problem -- it seems like everything is fine on their side.

Thanks for your help.



  • Richard@
    Richard@ Member ✭✭✭
    Hi burlingame - In response to your response on my problems with linking to Verizon- Yes I received a Red Circle error when trying to link to Verizon - It indicated that my account was locked.

    After spending hours on the phone with both Quicken support and Verizon Support, It was determined that when I tried to link the account, Verizon was looking for an authorization code to allow Quicken access. No one seemed to know what the code was. To make a long story short, I tried one more time to link the account and in doing so, got a Text on my cell phone telling me some was trying to access my verizon account and would I allow it. After I responded in the affirmative, I was able to link the account.

    The only question now is that the authorization was indicated to be "one time only" so I will have to see if the issue has been corrected since I was able to link the account or will authorization be required every time Quicken accesses the account. I will know in the next couple of days as I am going to e-pay the current bill. Stay tuned -

    Hope this was helpful.
  • gburlingame
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    Hi Richard,

    That was helpful, thanks for sharing.

    I hope that the authorization is permanent for you. Good luck!

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