Payees Names Being Changed

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  • jgill96
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    I just experienced this same problem. I took your solution, downloaded a QXF file and created a separate account, but I didn't delete the original one. I wanted see if i could drag the updated correct file into the old account, and then match them to the original entry I made before it was downloaded. When I drug the new, uncorrupted line into the old account it would not let me match it to the original entry I made before the download. However, when I drug the original entry into the new uncorrupted QXF file, it did allow me to match that to the download. As soon as I did that it corrupted the statement payee name. Would this prove that the error is on the quicken side and not the bank side? The quicken rep I talked to told me that I should either do only downloads or just enter it myself, but that is ridiculous. Isn't the benefit the ability to do both?
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