Why would I not want to set up both Bill Pay and Quick Pay?

Some years ago, I tried to set up the payment system within Quicken. This was a "free" feature of Quicken Premier. I tried twice with the same bank account and two different phone numbers and email addresses trying to get it to work but never did. It was a third party system and the third party was incredibly poor at customer service. I mention that only so that if I need to delete the old stuff first, I can (but will need some help doing it probably). In fact, I might prefer deleting it just to clean things up.

Now I venture back out to the new wild world and discover there is "Quick Pay" and "Bill Pay". I understand the different -- electronic to the target verses snail mail. My question is, why would I not want to set up both? It seems if I want to send my brother a check, I need Bill Pay and if I want to pay AmEx, I'll want Quick Pay.

Before I dive into this ... any tips of various alligators in the reeds that I need to watch out for? The previous experiences were very sour.

Thank you guys for all your help...

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  • Perry Smith
    Perry Smith Member ✭✭✭
    Hi John. Making progress. Got my checking hooked up with both systems and (not thinking) tried to connect my savings to both systems but I never got the verify amounts. I bet that is due to the fact that it is a savings account and not a checking account.

    Moving on ... tried to set up State Farm and got an error. It pops up a way to report the error but when I tried, that fails as well suggesting that I may not be connected to the internet but I am. I thought it might be something to do with my spam filter so I turned it off and restarted Quicken but got the same error.

    I could open a new ticket if you think that would be best.

    So far ... this is tremendously better than the old system.
  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Yes, you might wish to contact Quicken support for assistance. I have never used any of the Bill Payment services through Quicken, so I don't have any experience in troubleshooting them. Quicken Support has more tools to assist. Good luck!
  • vherz
    vherz Member ✭✭
    Hi Perry, I had the same problem with State Farm. I also got the broken link message, try again the next day no Internet etc. My State farm agent was able to contact state farms tech support and the answer came back that State Farm is not supporting any third parties link to the billing information.Unfortunately state farm still shows up in the list of the bill vendors. I hope this helps.
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