Choose Budget Currency During Creation

I have a default currency in Quicken in Euros. Yet I also have accounts in US$ and BGN.
As currently, my running expenses are in BGN, therefore I'd like a budget in BGN

Yet Quicken does not let me choose the currency and creates a budget looking at the transactions in the default currency (Euro), therefore I end up with a useless empty budget. I know that I can change the currency afterward, but that does not affect the budget amounts itself and all actuals are compared against the budgeted in Euro.
The only option is to manually recreate all amounts in the budget, which of course completely defeats the purpose.

How can I create a useful budget in another currency? People do live abroad after all...

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  • enterfornone
    enterfornone Member ✭✭
    Hi, In the end, I had to change both the system preferences locale to Bulgaria AND the sidebar currency to BGN to succeed. Now the budget was created.
    Thanks for the help.
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