No Updates for Banking After Update - PayPal Error Across All Banking Accounts

Quicken for Mac worked fine until I updated to Version 5.16.1. Now when I try to update any of my online banking/credit card accounts (Wells Fargo, Chase) I get an "Account Sync Error" message stating "We had a problem synching this account: PayPal Account". I did have an old, hidden PayPal account, so I deleted that, but I still get this error message on all of my banking accounts. Curiously, brokerage accounts seem to be working fine.

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  • D1956
    D1956 Member ✭✭
    Quicken phone support helped me resolve the issue (through a number of steps) - be prepared to spend 20 min on the phone. Also, make sure you get a rep who knows what they are doing. The first rep I talked to (on May 21) was terrible - he was clearly walking through a script and had no idea how to solve the problem. At the end of this first call, he stated that it was a problem with the banks (presumably all the banks) and they couldn't fix it. He also didn't follow up with a case number or send the usual email customer survey. The next morning I called again and got a woman who was absolutely excellent! She knew what she was doing and walked me through the steps to resolve the problem (which required resetting the Cloud accounts).
  • Jeff K
    Jeff K Member ✭✭
    I've been experiencing the same symptom for the last couple of weeks, even after the last update to 5.16.1. I do have a PayPal account, but I handle it manually. I tried deactivating/reactivating all of my banking accounts, closing/reopening Quicken in between each step, and even removing entries in Keychain. No luck.

    What specific steps do you remember for solving the issue? I plan to call support on Tue if needed.

  • D1956
    D1956 Member ✭✭
    Since it involves re-setting your Cloud accounts, I would recommend calling support and having them walk you through the process - I'm not sure I can recall each of the steps she had me do. Perhaps someone more knowledgable than me can list the steps one this thread.
  • DaveT
    DaveT Member ✭✭
    I forgot to add: I hope that the above information is helpful. Thanks to D1956 for providing information that put me on the right track to resolve this problem.
  • briansheets
    briansheets Member ✭✭
    reset accounts fixed for me as well, thanks
  • Hooray!!! Resetting the cloud in the Preferences menu worked!!!
  • Kathy Muench
    Kathy Muench Member ✭✭✭
    Resetting Quicken cloud account also worked for me. - thanks!
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