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Portfolio views offer the ability to show Morningstar rating, return, and risk for US (CAN?) mutual funds.  Other fund-specific information is also available such as Fund Category and Fund Category rankings.  The three Morningstar parameters get presented only if the security type is set to Mutual Fund.  The other fund specific information is presented without consideration of the assigned security type, apparently based on the ticker of the security.  

In my case, I have created additional security types such as International Funds, Bond Funds, US Funds, etc. to work around some the the Asset class shortfalls within Quicken.  My choice to do so prevents me from then seeing the Morningstar data on funds assigned to those types.  Others have taken a similar approach, most recently in this post --  The data has been downloaded and stored.  If I change the Security Type, that Morningstar data appears immediately.  So this appears to be only a Portfolio View filtering issue.    

It would be an improvement to the presentation of information in portfolio views if the Morningstar data was presented independent of the security type assigned within the Quicken data file.  

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  • Yes, this would be huge improvement. Presenting Morningstar Data based on Mutual Fund symbols would be a tremendous step forward.
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    I agree. I was unaware the M* data was available for non-MFs. I have several ETFs and they all show M* ratings when I change their security type to MF. I never knew this info was available, thanks, @q_lurker . Now we just need Quicken to provide a better way to display the ratings than having to use a fake security type.

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    The recent addition of custom Asset Classes was a welcome feature. Ability to make custom Investment Types has been around for a long time, but Morningstar Ratings are only downloaded if the Investment Type is Mutual Fund. It would be helpful if they could also be downloaded for an Investment Type of ETF, either a new standard ETF Investment Type or a user-created custom Investment Type. One can get these ratings by intentionally mislabeling the ETFs as Mutual Funds, but this prevents them from being accurately displayed in the Security Detail View or being isolated by Investment Type in certain reports. I would also like to be able to include an Investment Type column in the Portfolio View.
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    I also would like to see them. I know when I go to the Morningstar site they are there. Why are we not able to see them? Any response to the previous request?
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  • vitreous
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    It would be great for Quicken to supply all Morningstar data without having to using the Mutual Fund Security Type as a "gate".
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