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Is Enterprise Bank and Trust Quicken Friendly for anyone?

Quicken with Enterprise Bank and trust

I am a new Quicken 2020 for Mac user for about 2 weeks. I have run into a couple of problems using this software with Enterprise Bank and Trust that make Quicken not worth the time for me, so I decided to ask in the community If anyone else has been in the same situation.

First problem is using the automatic account add feature. The feature works as advertised with my checking and savings accounts. They have been set up and appear to track transactions accurately. The problem is with 3 IRA accounts that I have through the same bank. When I try to add with the automatic account add feature, (Example + to add, Investments/Traditional IRA) the mechanics seem to work ok allowing me so sigh in with my internet banking user/password, however the IRA accounts do not show in the list of accounts to add. I have noticed through experimentation that no matter what kind of account I try to add, the only accounts that show in the interface are my checking and savings accounts. It seems clear to me that Enterprise Bank and Trust is not displaying those accounts through the Quicken Interface, but I can see them clearly if I sign into Internet Banking through the Bank’s Interface. The bank shows no interest in helping with this. The only thing they have said is “we are not blocking anything, you need to talk to Quicken Support”

Second Problem, same bank, same support attitude.

I set up the 3 IRA accounts manually, and exported the data files from the bank.
They provide .csv, .xls, .ofx, .qbo, and .qfx formats.

Whenever I either click on the QFX file, or try to import id with quicken’s import feature I get the error:
“Unable to read the selected Web Connect file. Contact your financial institution”

The only option I have beyond this is to manually import the transactions for these IRA accounts, which kind of takes the Quick” out of Quicken, or move everything to a different bank. Moving banks is probably the best Idea considering the help and support attitude I have been getting.

Any insights please feel free to share,

Quicken Noob

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