Printing Checks after I enter payments in the AP Account

Ok, How do I print my voucher check once I enter a new payment to a vendor and it reconciles it with my AP Vendor Invoices Account, then deducts the amount from the Business Checking account? Right now I have to CTRL+W and enter the check information AGAIN then print the check then delete the extra check entry. I also tried entering the payment directly into CTRL+W window and trying to categorize as AP Vendor Invoices and it will enter the information BUT it will not reconcile the vendor bill in AP Vendor Invoices account. There has to be a correct way to do this. I'm sure several years ago I did it no problem, but now it doesn't work anymore.

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  • hannahpiontkowsk
    hannahpiontkowsk Member ✭✭
    Yes, I select the Business Account name. I have not put print in the check number field I have entered the actual check number. I will definitely try this.

    O-M-Goodness this worked!!! THANK YOU!
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