Why is Chase my Checking transfers to Chase credit card that shows up in the Chase credit card, but

I have noticed lately that when I reconcile my accounts, it doesn't reconcile. So yesterday after I downloaded my Chase Checking account it RECONCILED. But today when I reconciled, it DID NOT reconcile. In checking with Chase on line, a payment to a Chase Credit Card was made and showed up as paid it the Credit Card but NOT in the Chase Checking Account. I have worked with Quicken Support about this problem. They don't seem to know why this is happening. I have done validation checks, but nothing shows up. I have even done SUPER validation check with the same results.

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    For best results I recommend you manually enter transfer transactions, including credit card payments, into your register BEFORE you download transactions from the bank which contain the transfer confirmations.
    For recurring transfers use scheduled reminders and enter them a day or two before the due date. Be sure to use distinct Payee Names for each transfer / credit card payment to avoid confusing Quicken - memorized payee entries.
    That takes the guesswork out of Quicken when trying to recognize and create transfer transactions based solely on downloaded, often cryptic transaction data. Because a correctly entered transfer transaction already exists in your account registers, Quicken should just match the downloaded transfer transaction to the existing one in both accounts.

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