how do I stop categories showing up as uncategorized each time I update the software. (Q Mac)

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When i updated to 15.5.1 all my categories came up as codes...after hours of reviewing and correcting I had my original categories back. Today I updated to the 15.6 and the same thing happened again...I then restored the corrected back up only to discover that when I updated each account, my categories came up as uncategorized...I have about 10 years of transactions... :# Please advise before I go online again to update...


  • John_in_NC
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    I don't suspect this has anything to do with the program update.

    I suggest you restore from your good backup, and before you make any attempt to update your accounts, go to Quicken:Preferences, and click on Connected Services.

    There, click on the Reset option to purge your Cloud data to have it upload fresh data from your current data file. (No data will be lost.)

    You can then sync/download transactions.
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