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    Q2020 - Investment view, I have several brokerage accounts and each account has a mixture of securities and funds. The header sort function at the account level does not work. I wish to order with highest value at the top. I also want to "not show" zero values. Is this possible?

    I have already tried reset and then in the value view, clicking the "market" header changes the arrow direction (up or down) but there is no change in the order shown. Again, I wish to order with highest value account at the top. I also want to "not show" zero values. Is this possible? If not, I am requesting Quicken to add these features ASAP. We should be able to sort as the header arrows imply (any column).

    BTW - I can manually sort the order in "customize" then clicking accounts and moving up or down on each account.

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    The order in which accounts are listed in a Portfolio View marked "Group by Account" does not alpha-sort by account. You determine the sort order by clicking the Customize button. Select the Accounts tab. Here you select which accounts to show in the view. Using the "Move up"/"Move down" button you arrange the order in which your accounts are listed in the view.
    Once you have the accounts sorted as desired, clicking on a column header, e.g. Cost Basis, will sort your holdings by Cost Basis amount. Clicking the same column header again will toggle the sort order from ascending (smallest amount on top of list) to descending (largest amount on top of list) and back.
    "Zero values": If your list is showing securities for which you no longer hold any shares, you can turn that off by clicking the Options button in the Portfolio view and clicking to remove the checkmark at "Show closed lots".
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