Updated custom group transactions missing in reports

I created custom Groups so my reports would be organized in a way more meaningful to me than just an alphabetical list of Income & Expense accounts. To overcome the alphabetical issue, I preceded my Group names with numbers. For example, 210 Nondiscretionary Monthly, 220 Nondiscretionary Other, 230 Discretionary. All of my categories are now assigned to one of the custom Groups that I created. It seemed to be working seamlessly until recently.

I changed from a semi-annual payment plan for my insurances to a monthly payment plan. Correspondingly, I changed the Insurance Group from 220 Nondiscretionary Other to 210 Nondiscretionary Monthly. I also updated the Group for the subcategories such as Homeowner's Insurance and Life Insurance to 210 Nondiscretionary Monthly. Now, when I run the Current Budget report which displays Budget vs Actual, the monthly insurance payment transactions are not included in the report.

I tried this solution... I deleted the Insurance Category and when I did so the insurance payments became Uncategorized. I recreated the Insurance category and the subcategories and then reposted the Uncategorized transactions. The transactions still do not appear on the Current Budget/Actual report. Any suggestions or ideas?


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    Answered by Jim_Harman:
    Are the new categories in your budget on the Planning tab are well? The budget reports are pre filtered to include only categories that are in your budget.

    Thank you! That worked but I also discovered that the categories are specific by budget year as well. You must specify the budget year in the Planning tab when you select the categories and you must specify the same budget year when you run the report.
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