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Recently, when I download my transactions, if the downloaded transaction amount is the same as a previous transaction, Quicken moves the previous transaction to the new date and considers it a new transaction, even if it has been reconciled. EX: I paid my Home Depot account on 5/28 in the amount of $100. I reconciled the transaction. Then on 6/1, I withdrew $100 from my ATM. When downloading the transactions, the $100 withdrawal was downloaded as the Home Depot payment. The date of the payment was changed to 6/1, and the 5/28 transaction was gone. So my account was off by $100 when reconciling. I had to manually go in and change the Home Depot transaction back to 5/28 and manually add in the $100 withdrawal. Why does this happen just because it sees $100? How do I stop this from happening? There are a lot of transactions with the same amounts... why does Quicken get so confused?

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    I must add that this is for Mac.... not windows
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