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Export Investment Account

How do I export an investment account's transactions?

I currently have two Quicken files (Quicken for Mac Deluxe 2020 subscription v15.16.1).
One Quicken file has the majority of my financial data, while the other has several investment accounts. I would like to export the investment account, then import the investment accounts into my primary Quicken file to consolidate the tow files into a single Quicken file.

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  • Kevin9090
    Kevin9090 Member
    I have a similar question, but I would like to move an investment account from Quicken Mac to Quicken Windows (subscription).

    I exported the Quicken Mac investment file to a QXF file, but when I import the QXF file the investment account is created, but there's no transactions.

    Is it possible to move an investment account from Mac to Windows?
  • J_Mike
    J_Mike SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Kevin9090 said:
    Is it possible to move an investment account from Mac to Windows?

    Unfortunately, no. The QXF export/import from QMac to QWin does not work for investment accounts. It does work for non-investment accounts.

    The process does work in the other direction - QWin to QMac.
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