Dropbox w/Quicken Mac Subscription expires

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Frustrated with Quicken...

My 27 month Quicken Premier subscription will expire June 12, 2020 but the 15GB Dropbox I received as a "perk" alongside Quicken had seemingly expired already. I was alerted via email by Dropbox (thought it was spear phishing) that my space was full (you're 212% over your limit!). There was NO info/alert on this situation from Quicken. I thought the 15GB was permanent Dropbox space, not temporarily tied to the Quicken subscription. The physical box I have does not say it's temporary or tied to my Quicken subscription.

So...I had to figure out WHY this was happening and it seems that the original Quicken Premier offer that I bought with 15GB of Dropbox was ONLY for the subscription period.

Now, tonight, I had to go to Dropbox, chat with a non-bot representative, and then immediately go into my Quicken account and figure out how to manually apply another "coupon" for 5GB Dropbox space so that my files weren't deleted. The original 15GB "coupon" said it had already been used, and there were 3 other 5GB "coupons" available in my account. So, I applied one of the 5GB coupons and lost 10GB of Dropbox storage.

I had already resigned to enabling auto-renewal of Quicken Premier when it expires June 12th, but I had NOT expected wasting my time dealing this extraneous crap to save my Dropbox files from being deleted. I began with Quicken 1.0. My data file goes back to the late 1980s.

It is crazy and EXTREMELY disappointing that my Dropbox files were going to potentially be deleted because a Quicken "coupon" had to be re-applied, even before Quicken had expired.

The Dropbox storage should be permanent, not a separate renewal task to save your files every year.

Yes, I'm frustrated with the Quicken subscription model on capabilities, price and this additional maintenance just to keep what had been promised at time of purchase.

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