"Quicken Bill Pay - New" was installed automatically without my authorization.

Quicken for Mac problem:
I used the old Quicken Bill Pay almost every day. I just tried to cancel a payment today and the Quicken app gave me the following error message:
"An error occurred during your online banking update.
(The certificate for this server is invalid. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be “quicken.metavante.com” which could put your confidential information at risk.)"
When I checked in the bill pay settings it tells me the bill pay provider is Quicken Bill Pay - New. I never set this up. Apparently it does not even work. I called customer service but they could not help me to go back to the old Bill Pay service from Metavante. I asked how it even switched me to the new service but they could not explain this either. The old service is supposed to work until August. Now i can not use Quicken for bill paying at all. Custom Service was completely unable to help. They could not even explain properly what the status of the new bill pay is. Supposedly they are working on extending the limit of monthly transactions but no one knows when that will be implemented. This all creates huge problems since I am running a business and I am using Quicken for a lot of transactions. I can't just switch to a different software without it causing interruptions in paying bill on time and keeping track of things. There is no one that you can ask at the company for insights about all this.If the developers are reading this, please at least give the customer service people information to help people with these issues.
After 45 minutes on the phone customer service finally set up an appointment with a "higher level" technical support that might be able to reset to the old bill pay service. But not for 4 days from now. That means I cannot use Quicken until then.


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    BTW. Customer service suggested that I go to this forum to find answers. The only discussion I found about this was for Quicken for Windows. looks like they have the same issues and there were no answers from the developers either. That discussions is closed and nothing helpful was in there. Extremely frustrating customer service. i should have kept Quicken for Mac 2017. Is seems that the makers of this software are glad to take your money but absolutely unwilling to give you any support.
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