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How do I get Quicken to work again?

I'm totally confused. Yesterday, out of the blue Quicken for Mac 2017 informed me that it would no longer work online, even though I have a Deluxe subscription through October for QUICKEN DELUXE 2019 DIRECT DOWNLOAD 1YR. It said I could get a 40% discount on a Quicken for Mac 2020 subscription, but in my account it says I already have an active Deluxe subscription and doesn't show me the 40% off prices. I can't even load a QFX file, even though it doesn't involve online. I also do bill pay from Quicken through my bank. What do I need to do to get running again? Do I need a new kind of subscription? Do I just download Quicken 2020? In the download page, I get three choices: "I'm new to Quicken", "I'm renewing/changing my Quicken subscription" and "I'm installing on another computer", none of which represents my current status. Where do I get an activation code even if I am able to get a download?

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